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3 Steps to Get Free Traffic To Your Blog

free traffic to your blog
free traffic to your blog

Your Website or Blog Needs to Attract Free Traffic

Do you have a blog or website and you have no budget for advertising and you aren’t famous? Are you looking for ways to get free traffic to your blog?

Let me introduce Yaro Starak, who started his blog at a time when all he had was his time and energy to invest into growing his traffic. He built his blog into a million-dollar-making business, and uses these 3 steps to this day. I’ve been watching him for years, and Yaro is the real deal, and he loves to help others become successful as well.

I was so enthusiastic about the 3 steps he describes to get free traffic to your blog, that I decided to post his video here for you. These are the 3 steps he uses, and I recommend you apply them too, as you write new blog post. This will maximize how much traffic you attract.

These three simple yet powerful ideas you can include in every blog post you create, no matter whether you are writing articles, creating audio content like podcasts, or using video.

Here is how Yaro describes the three steps:

Have you ever wondered how you can get traffic to a brand new website when you have no money to spend on advertising?

You can’t buy Facebook ads or Google ads or banner ads across the internet, and your social media following is really just getting started so you don’t have a lot of Facebook followers or a big Instagram channel or YouTube subscribers or any other of those social media channels out there.

Plus you’re going up against some big players in your industry so there’s people who have big websites, big personalities, and you have to find your sweet spot in an established industry online in order to grow your traffic.

No money, no established reputation, and you’re going up against a competitive marketplace. What do you do to grow your audience?

Well, first of all, I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Yaro and I’m the author of The Blog Profits Blueprint and I want to teach you three techniques that I used to grow my audience when I was in that exact situation, and go on to actually create a multi-million dollar online business that all started with these three basic techniques that I’m going to teach you now. Pay close attention, because this is a great way to get free traffic to your blog.

If you have no money to spend on advertising, your currency online is the content you can distribute for free in order to educate people and attract an audience. I’m going to teach you are the three ingredients you need to include in your blog posts in order to rapidly grow your traffic for free.

Three Steps to Free Traffic To Your Blog

1. Use Story

The first ingredient, whenever you produce a piece of blog content, an article, a video or even an audio, is making sure you begin with some kind of story. Storytelling is the most powerful format of content, and I use it. I used it even in my very first blog post to share stories of things I was going through, or I had lived, or the stories of other people, or other stories I’d heard from either friends or family or even around the world, big celebrity big name stories. The important thing is to have some kind of story in your blog post.

2. Describe Unique Idea or Research

The second key ingredient is to include some kind of research or some kind of concept. It can be something either you come up with or you’ve learned possibly from a book or another expert, something that you can quote or pull some unique knowledge from, some research to back up that idea.

Now this is a powerful one-two punch. If you’re telling a story and combining research to actually demonstrate a concept, you’re delivering one of the most powerful combinations of content you can produce online.

But the real secret from this technique comes from the third step which is what you do after you write the blog post.

2. Tell People About Your Post

You need to actually contact people to tell them about it. Now it’s not as simple as just telling everyone and writing random emails, basically sending spam.

What you want to do is make sure that the story and/or the research that you talk about in the blog post actually includes some other people. In my case I often told stories, and I still do this today, in my blog post that involve people.

It’s hard to not involve other people when you’re telling a story. It’s also very difficult to not include other people when you talk about research. So if you come up with a concept that you are talking about in your blog post, someone else probably is the originator of that research or they originated that concept or they wrote some content of their own to demonstrate that concept.

So you can actually link to and talk about them as a source, as a place you learned about this concept.

Then, after you publish your blog post, you go to the people who you either included in the story or you referenced from the research and let them know that you published a brand new piece of content that features them in quite an interesting way in your blog post. Now they’re going to be obviously very interested to go and see what you’ve done, and that’s the first step is to pique their interest.

I recommend you do that with a very short email. It can be like,

“Hi John, I’ve just written a blog post. It featured a link to your amazing story about how you use the 80-20 rule to grow your business and I’d love for you to come check it out.”

So they come and check it out, and they may just share it simply because of the quality of your article and the fact that they appear in it.

If they don’t share it, you can email them again and say,

“Hey, what did you think of the article? And if you liked it, would you please share it with your followers?”

It really is as simple as sending one or two emails just to, first of all, engage their interest, and second of all, ask for the share if they don’t share it automatically.

If you do this as a regular pattern of behavior every single time you produce a new piece of blog content, you’re going to see your traffic grow quite quickly and it’s all free and it means you connect with established well-known people in your industry.

So you’re getting the benefit of connections, traffic, plus creating great content for your blog that can grow your audience over time just passively.

Once you write a blog post like this, it’ll continue to deliver value, and you write a second blog post, a third blog post. And that’s how you build a really strong, established following to your blog, get lots of traffic, grow your email list, and then of course sell your products and services. You should make this process a habit, to easily attract free traffic to your blog.

I’m actually living proof of that concept. I started with no money, no connections. I was going into a crowded internet space and I started sharing these blog posts that talked about stories, included some research, and I started to reach out to other people and let them know about my content.

And that is what kicked off the start of what became a multi-million dollar blogging business. And I’d love to see that happen to you too. Now I have a bunch more techniques to help you grow your traffic and also help you refine your topic and of course how to make money from blogging as well. I’d love to teach you these.

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I hope you enjoyed these three tips. Go use them. Go download the Blueprint.