Posted April 14, 2017 by Amber Benson in Email Marketing

8 Steps to Email Marketing Best Practices

email marketing best practices
email marketing best practices

Every online marketer wants to do email marketing. That includes you, right? And me! If you’re like me, your inbox is filled to overflowing, every day, with examples of terrible email marketing. Most marketers have no clue as to email marketing best practices.

There’s everything from the brightly colored and badly formatted ones from “product reviewers”, to the “I’m emailing following our earlier call” that never happened.email marketing best practices

Far from inspiring you to click to their offer, they can be really annoying. If you’re annoyed, and I’m annoyed, I’ll bet most everyone else is too. This is why you need to know email marketing best practices. You need to know how to get your email content right, so you are inspiring and exciting!

So what can you do to make sure your emails hit the right note? Here’s a list of 8 steps to email marketing best practices:

1. email marketing best practicesMake it Easy to Scan

People probably won’t read every single word in your email, no matter how much time you spend writing it. It’s important to make your email easy to scan.

Use subheadings that are persuasive, contain key concepts, and your products and services. If a person only read the subheadings, would they get the basic message?

If you are presenting an offer place it in bold print so it can’t be missed.

Use bulleted or numbered lists to highlight features and benefits. Your paragraphs should address only one idea in short, easy to read sentences. Paragraphs should be short. Sentences should be short. Just like they are in this very article.

2. Make it Flow

Don’t send an email that jumps from one idea to the next with no continuity.

Your subject line should flow effortlessly into the email body. The final paragraph should reiterate your main message, followed by a call to action.

3. 8 Steps to Effective Email Marketing Content8 Steps to Effective Email Marketing ContentUse Emotion

Emotion sells. That’s a fact. Use language that empathizes with your reader and plays on their heartstrings. Tell stories that have an emotional impact.

4. Consider the Psychology

Offer valuable information – they will begin to trust you. Use case studies and testimonials to show how others have already benefited – again building trust, and showing proof. Limit the offer by time or number to increase scarcity – people will often jump buy something if they think it will only be available for a short time. Use neuro-linguistic programming techniques – these really work! Frank Kern has a course specifically teaching this approach.

5. Perfect Your Voiceemail marketing best practices

Copywriters know this: the tone, or voice, you use in your writing has a big impact in how well it goes down with the reader. If you have brand guidelines in place, your email’s tone should follow them. But if you’re not sure think about your audience and choose an appropriate tone for them. For example, if you are offering western wear, a more folksy approach is best. If you are offering elegant dining, use a more refined voice.

6. Give proof

Why should I buy from you?

That’s what your reader is going to be asking. Give them excellent reasons in the form of benefits that are backed up by facts. Remember, benefit and features are not the same! The feature is just a fact about the product. The benefit is what your buyer will get emotionally from buying your product.

7. Say it again

Usually you don’t want to be repeating yourself in your copy.

However, the offer in your headline should be repeated in the body copy and then again in the call to action. Just make sure you vary the language and words that you use. Remember, your reader will probably not read every word of your email, and your main message needs to be repeated a couple of times, to be sure to get it across.

8. Review

Not only should you review your email for typos, you also need to check it to make sure:

• Your paragraphs are short and snappy

• The subject matter is relevant to your audience

• Your offer is correct

• Your message is short and sweet

• You can scan the email and still understand what it’s about

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