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AmberMy name is Amber Benson and I am uniquely positioned to help you become a skilled internet marketer. I have a life-time’s experience as a software engineer, designing and programming in all sorts of languages, and all sorts of projects. I know all about user interface and how to make software attractive and easy to use.

I ran a day-trading chat room and website with a business partner for several years, selling trading strategies and indicators that I had written. We had some years of really wonderful success selling our products and training – over $1 million in profit – and I learned internet marketing right in the trenches, by just doing it. Along the way I’ve picked up marketing strategies and tactics, I know what works and what doesn’t.

I offer reviews of products being offered to help internet marketers achieve their goals, and training for those who need it, as well.

So my reviews and training are based on solid experience, and I hope you’ll let me know when I’m helping you out, and also let me know when I fail to please.

Amber and HarpOcarina
When I’m not writing software or product reviews, or helping people learn all the ins and outs of marketing online, I like to play my harp and ride and train my horses in dressage and spend time with my delightful husband Robert.Robert