Posted April 10, 2017 by Amber Benson in Get More Traffic

5 Killer Content Strategy Ideas to Generate More Traffic to Your Website

Generate More Traffic to Your Website
Generate More Traffic to Your Website

It is important more than ever to put in effort into maintaining a strong online presence and driving traffic to your website to increase sales, exposure, and brand recognition. Here are 5 killer content strategy ideas that can generate more traffic to your website.

1. Create quality content

Quality content is King! If you provide good articles, not only will people like to read them, but the search engines will love you. There are a lot of badly written articles that don’t provide any really useful information to readers. Plus, the search engines will reward you for good content.

Creating quality content is one way to generate more traffic to your website. Visitors get the information they need which fosters trust and reliance on the information you provide. Thus, not only will you rank higher in the search engines, not only will you provide good value to new visitors, but you will also create loyalty and respect. Then your new visitors are more likely to become repeat visitors, which are the best kind!

2. Always Consider Your Customers’ Perspectives

Be careful that you don’t fill your article with technical jargon. You want to write sentences your visitor can easily read. Remember that if you’re wording is too complicated, your reader might just click away to something more accessible. Write short sentences, using words of few syllables.

And at all costs, avoid sounding as though you are trying to sell something like a used-car salesman. That will definitely turn off your potential customers! Think of a single person that would represent your perfect customer, and write as though you were talking directly to that person. Think of what that person’s experiences are likely to have been, and speak to that.

And, be sure to tell a story. People always love stories! Through them, you will connect with your readers, they will come back to your blog or website, and over time, you will become like a friend to them. Speak authentically, using your own voice, from your own heart. This approach will soon begin to generate more traffic to your website.

3. Give Useful information For Free

The internet is full of free content and viewers today expect content mostly for free. Give your customers what they want. One good way to do this is to explain in detail how to do something – hold nothing back. Then, once it is clear exactly how to do something, it is also often clear to your reader that it is very time consuming or complicated to do it. Remind them that they may not have time to learn all they need to learn, get the skills they may need, or just have the time to do the thing day in and day out. Then offer your service or product, that will solve their problem for them.Generate More Traffic to Your Website

For example, suppose you run a dog website. You might have an article explain how hard it is to see dogs at night, and how easy it is for a car to hit them, or for them to run off and you can’t find them. Give a solution to this problem – keep your dog on leash, or only let them out after dark in an enclosed space. Then, saying this might be too confining for their dog, offer them a lighted collar to purchase, so they will be able to see their dog at night, and drivers of cars will be able to see them too. This tactic works with almost any service or product you might be offering.

This is a great way to develop a strong relationship with your readers and builds trust and loyalty.

4. Market to Other Businesses

Offering products or services to other smaller businesses is also a great way to expand your net exposure. Much like word of mouth or viral marketing, if you provide quality content to other similar businesses it will help to create a community. This may allow your business to tap into markets that you had previously not noticed. It also can increase your customer base substantially and allow for new exposure. Think of the win-win publicity for all the entities involved you could be creating.Generate More Traffic to Your Website

5. Keep Your Content Diverse

Understand the different ideas and viewpoints that your customers may have and present information about each. And, understand that a single customer will have numerous concerns or problems that you can help solve. If you do this, you can funnel in more potential customers to your website. This not only can generate more traffic to your website, but it stimulates your own creativity, and may even show you untapped markets you had not imagined before.

Frequently changing up the resources and updating your website, blog, or other content vehicle will get potential customers hooked and increase traffic and sales.