Posted May 1, 2017 by Amber Benson in Internet Marketing Training

Grow Your Business

grow your business
grow your business

You know, sometimes it isn’t hard to grow a business, it just takes some time and a bit of effort. My friend Phillip Lopez just turned 35, and to celebrate, he posted 35 ways to grow your business. And they are so good, I’m sharing them with you. Be sure you read and think about each one. And then start using them! I like number 12 and number 18 the best. Here they are:

**Impromptu 35 Ways to Grow Your Business**

1. Network like crazy.
2. Create videos, let people see yo’ damn face and hear your voice.
3. Start building a following on social media, if it seems like too much to do across all platforms…pick ONE and dominate it.
4. Start a blog.
5. Ask for the sale often (nothing wrong with making money).
6. Create your own product.
7. Come from an abundance mindset, not scarcity. There will always be more to teach, don’t be scared to give your best shit away fo’ free playa.
8. Follow up with people, and then follow up some more.
9. Limit your time on Facebook lol, it’s addictive as f**k.
10. Re-purpose content like crazy. A blog post can be a video/audio recording or a Tweet, Snapchat (see where I’m going here?)
11. Make it easy for people to find out who you are. Using an avatar as your profile pic does NOT instill trust quickly.
12. Write emails to one person on your list…like a friend.
13. Put more f**king buy buttons out there and you’ll make more money.
14. NEVER promote something blindly.
15. Get started now and put 30 days into something for once in your life Harry. In one month, you’ll just start over and repeat a vicious cycle of fuckheadedness otherwise.
16. As Mark Cuban says: “Follow your effort, not your passion.” Something like that.
17. Build other people up.
18. Make it STUPIDLY simple for customers to say yes.
19 You…ARE NOT YOUR F**KING PAGE BUILDER. You’re gonna have to learn how to write some copy.
20. Seek first to understand, THEN to be understood. It’s crazy how much this Stephen Covey tip can help your business.
21. You can be silly, people buy from real people.
22. Read your emails again before sending, I don’t know how many times I’ve emailed and asked myself “Hmm..was I on CRACK when I wrote this?!”
23. Create content every day. I suggest you write, you can always take writing and turn it into another form of media. (Amber’s note – if you have a hard time writing from scratch, you can get pre-written articles about your subject, and then edit them to express your ideas and your voice. Click here for a really inexpensive, easy way to do this. Yep, this is an affiliate link, but I use this all the time for ideas for my articles, so you might like it too.)
24. Introduce people to one another, be the HUB for people that need to get shit done.
25. Share other people’s content. Trust me, it’s highly appreciated, but REALLY read it too.
26. Admit when you’ve f**ked up, apologize if necessary THEN MOVE ON.
27. Split-test from your personal results.
28. Associate with people that are where you want to be and learn from them. Be in that crowd WITHOUT being a kiss ass or a wall flower.
29. If you’re stuck on something. Do something else for a little while. It’s very likely that you’re not thinking straight, you could do a couple of pushups or watch a quick show on NetFlix and then get back to it. You may see that you were just flustered and needed a break.
31. Build an email list from the start and (get this) MAIL THE MOFOS!
32. Start learning Facebook ads when you’re ready. Free traffic is great but can take a long time. Do both.
33. Adapt to the changes in SEO, social media, blogs, etc. or die out and go back to working for someone other than yourself.
34. Automate (outsource) what you can when you have the financial means to do so.
35. Be careful not to become a fat f**k from sitting at the computer for so long. Make sure you exercise and stay away from Taco Bell as much as possible.

So pay attention, read them again, spend time working on them, and grow your business.