Posted August 13, 2015 by Amber Benson in Internet Marketing Training

The One, The Main, The Real Secret to Making Money Online

Making Money Online
Making Money Online

Yes, there really is a One, Main, Real secret to making money online. I remember when I was trying to figure out the best way to get started in an online business. I signed up for some group coaching from a well known marketer, and on the first call, he said:

1. Become a Vendor, not a Consumer


Confusion“What?” you say. “Huh?”
Well, that’s it in a nutshell!

To make money online you have to stop buying every solution offered to you via email, warriorsforum, all sorts of videos. How many of us buy this little tool, that video solution, this SEO product, that other video maker, this ecommerce done-for-you store, etc, etc, etc? And how many of us find ourselves in the same situation days and weeks later, still not making any money online? And why is that?

Because we keep buying things and don’t get around to really selling things!

Look, to make money online, you have to sell something! Simple, yes? So, stop buying everything thrown your way, and start selling something!

Of course we need tools to run a business. We do need a website, a video, tracking. We need a domain name, hosting, images, sales pages, etc. So, yes, we do need to buy some tools to be in business, and to run a profitable business.


All My Courses and Tools

All the Courses and Tools You’ve Bought

But there is something so enticing about buying each new tool that comes down the line… This one will really get me going, get me some sales, get me making money.

Ya gotta stop it.

Make an Online Marketing Plan – Then Follow It

Make a plan, make sure it is a viable plan, one that works for other people, so you know you might have a chance at success. Then do what is necessary to make that plan come to fruition. By now you know what those steps are, you’ve bought enough courses to tell you what to do – do one! (And if you don’t yet have a plan, here is an easy fast way to get started and get your feet wet.)

Okay, I lied, there really are three secrets to making money online, the next two follow:

2. Only Buy a Tool When You Need it

“But, but,” you say, “this amazing video ranker is only available for 3 more days! And then its price goes up by 10! I’d better buy it now while it’s cheap!”

Do you know how to make a video yet?

“Um… no.”

Well then don’t buy it. There will always be the tool available when you need it. If not this one, then another. Maybe by the time you need it, there will be a much better one available. And even if you have to spend a little more, you have curbed your addiction to buying every shiny object that pops in front of your eyes. Only buy it when you need it.

3. Learn How They Make It So Enticing

Take this to heart!

If you look at a sales page or watch a sales video and you really really want to buy that thing, because you know it will finally solve your inability to make (much) money online, then do this:

Re-read or re-watch that video and see how they are selling it to you.

Simple, huh? Study what it was that made it seem so compelling! What made you want to buy that fabulous course/tool.

duhThis will do two things:

  1. You will learn how to write incredibly compelling copy for your sales letters/videos
  2. You will stop buying every fancy new shiny thing available