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Weekend Profit Blueprint [Review]

This is a review of a new training by John Koen called Weekend Profit Blueprint

Green PlusWhat I liked:
This step by step (checklist included) process to create your own product and sales materials is a great start into internet marketing for people who have limited time to spend on it (like if you have a full time job, are a student, a mom with busy kids, etc). This can really be done in a weekend or two.
Weekend Profit Blueprint
Red MinusWhat I didn’t like:
It doesn’t include any instructions on creating traffic and thus sales once you’ve finished your product, website and sales materials.

Weekend Profit Blueprint (WPB) walks you through creating an information product based on PLR (Private Label Rights) material, so you don’t have to start from scratch, but do enhance it to make it your own, plus create all the sales materials and shopping cart equivalent. But that description does not do WPB justice! This is a comprehensive training that shows you the details of how to:

  • Find product ideas for your own product, one that will sell
  • Find quality PLR material from recommended PLR vendors for this Product
  • Develop your own product from the PLR, improving on the PLR material
  • Construct a website from which you will sell your product
  • Set up your website to be a membership site for ease of providing your product to customers
  • Write a sales page
  • Write JV (joint venture partners who will sell your product for a commission) material and emails
  • Set up the JV affiliates page
  • Set up the product in JVZoo

Click here to learn more and get Weekend Profit Blueprint (this link won’t work right until 19 Aug 2015)

What You Get

You get, first, a pdf that explains all the steps in the course (great for looking things up!). You also get a mindmap showing, in one glance, the entire project:

Weekend Profit Blueprint MindMap

You also get a pdf checklist for the entire project. I really like this, as it helps a person who is just getting used to all the different aspects of things to just motor through. Did the first step, check. Did the second step, check. Eat a donut, mental check. Did the third step, check.

Next you get what John calls Theory Training: 10 videos, explaining in detail each of the steps.
For each of the 10 videos, you can download the video, you get a pdf of the slides in the video, an audio of it (great for listening to in the car). Each of these videos is 5 to 14 minutes long, so that you can consume it and understand it without losing your concentration. You can binge watch, or take your time, your choice.

And finally, you get John’s Practical Training: 20 over-the-shoulder training videos. John follows the entire process, step by step, and creates a unique product from PLR right in front of you. He then shows you exactly how he sets up the website and sales materials for this product.

The videos are clear and easy to follow.

I really like that John provides you with video, audio and written versions of each lesson – different people learn in different ways. Sometimes you absorb different subjects better when you rewatch or relisten or reread the material in a different format.

Who Would Benefit

As I said above in “what I liked”, this step by step process to create your own product and sales materials is a great start into internet marketing for people who have limited time to spend on it (like if you have a full time job, are a student, a mom with busy kids, etc). This can really be done in a weekend or two.

Putting all the pieces together for selling products online is a complex business, and this is training that will hold your hand through all these processes. Plus, when you get done, you have the whole enchilada, product, website, sales page, shopping cart setup.

Once you have traffic, this can be a passive income producer. Do it once, get some income, do it again, grow your income. Of course, you have to do the work. Spend that weekend putting it together.

You don’t often get such a comprehensive course for such a low price. If I were you I’d jump right on it.

What Else Do You Need

Well, look – you can’t learn everything about internet marketing in one weekend. There is a lot to learn, philosophy, technical details, customer psychology, writing skills. There are lots of different ways you can sell, lots of different products to sell, lots of different tools to help you sell. But the beauty of this course is it teaches you one way to do almost everything, and holds your hand through the execution while you take action. That’s why I am going to recommend it. Especially because the price is so low.

Simple Traffic SolutionsThe one other thing you really need is to get some traffic to your new site.

Bonus #1: So as a bonus, if you buy through me, I will give you Simple Traffic Solutions, a 55 page pdf ebook. Chapter 1 starts out with “You’ve Built It…But They Will Not Come!” And of course this is what you want to avoid. It goes on to cover paid vs free traffic, SEO, social networking, video and audio, email marketing, paid advertising, and other methods of bringing excited viewers to your newly minted website.Lasar Targeted Penny Clicks

Bonus #2:
The second bonus is Laser Targeted Penny Clicks by Pat Imperiale. This little ebooklet will give you some new ideas on how to easily create a lot of inexpensive clicks to your website.

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